The forecasts that they bet on Rui Silva as the one in charge of defending the Betic goal and Pellegrini’s decision could not have been more successful. The Portuguese meta was one of the responsible Verdiblanco’s triumph, also managing to leave his clean sheet. This achievement is the second time who gets it this season, adding Betis only one more in total.

Photo by Rui Silva

Rui Silva had only played in the last month in the Verdiblanca defeat in Leverkusen. After being headline in the first four days League, had been a substitute in the previous four in the visit to Elche. But the substitution has not weighed down the former Granada, who returns to present battle a Claudio Bravo by ownership.

Shield / Flag Betis

The Pellegrini rotations in the goal they are almost indecipherable, but everything indicates that morning in the Europa League it should be the turn of Claudio Bravo. However, Rui Silva asks for a step and complicates the decision for the Chilean.