Rufete: “We have to maintain pride”

The coach of Espanyol Francisco Rufete He assured that the team has to “maintain pride” in the derby this Wednesday against the Barca despite the fact that the decline can materialize, since “the attitude and the forms are non-negotiable” and represent “a very large club”. “We have to maintain pride. We are representing a huge fans. We are people and footballers, and we have to make the best of ourselves as people because we play a derby and represent a very large club. Representing a club like this in these circumstances also honors you, ”he said at a press conference.

In this sense, he recalled that “the difficulty is very great”, because they are 11 points from salvation with 12 to be played and they no longer depend on themselves. “We had to fight with pride to achieve the goal, and we must continue to responsibly defend this shirt and this shield, because we represent many people. We played a derby, and we have to play a derby as such for what we represent and for the history of the club, ”he said.

And he added: “It is a very big responsibility. Perhaps not disappointing them would have been not going down, or having the feeling that it is close. We have a minimal chance, but what we do have and is maximum is to defend this shield and these colors until the end. It is important that we keep that until the end, because we have to finish as this club, this team and this fans deserve. “

Thus, the Alicante coach highlighted that the “motivation” for the clash starts from two things, that they are going to play “a derby” and that they are “in a practically definitive situation”. “We have to face it with optimism to defend the Spanish in a derby, the player knows that. In these situations, the attitude and the forms are non-negotiable ”, he stressed.

On the possibility that the descent could be consummated against the eternal rival, it was forceful. “The descent tastes bad to me. It is such a fucked-up situation for our people that we don't look any further ”, he pointed out. “It is surely one of the saddest. Let's go to work and fight tomorrow. We are going to fight for the shield, for our people and for our fans, for the derby, and then we will see. You have to row very hard and get up, “he added.


Precisely, Rufete was in another historic derby, that of ‘Jab’, Which gave the League to Real Madrid, although he believes that “it is nothing comparable”. “I am a person who is glad that people are doing well. People saw it that way, but we did what we knew best, which was to play soccer. Now it's time to do my best from another place ”.

“I remember that word, that name and that situation – 'Jab’- but I don't want to inspire anyone with that. I want to convince the player of the possibilities he has. What I have told you is that you are footballers but more people than anything else, and people have to put the best of our lives and our values ​​at the disposal of the situation and context. That is non-negotiable ”, he continued

On the other hand, Rufete, who explained that before the Leganes “A Espanyol screwed up by the situation and not practicing good football, although I really wanted to, ”he refused to talk about his future. “If I am here it is because I have decided. If I decide it is because it is implicit in the way I have to understand sport. What happens in ten days does not worry me, I am concerned about the present and that tomorrow the Spanish plays a derby to represent his fans, “he said.

Finally, the parakeet technician assured that the fact that the traditional photo was not taken before the derby was due to “a matter of logistics”. “From here I respect on behalf of the club the Barca. It has not been anything else, “he concluded.