Uruguay changed the chip to be third in the World Cup

Exceeded the I stumble against the Netherlands in the semifinal, Uruguay changed quickly the chip and set his mind on trying to get on the South African podium and end like third best selection of the World Cup.

The goal was to achieve its third best performance always in the World Cup: before she had been twice world champion (in Uruguay 30 and Brazil 50) and finished fourth in 1954 (Switzerland) and 1970 (Mexico), square that would occupy again in South Africa.

In the first six matches of the tournament, the selection directed by Tabárez had some setbacks, Almost all of them concentrated in the Netherlandswhere they couldn't play Lugano, limping from the blow that made him withdraw against Ghana, nor Fucile and Luis Suárez, both sanctioned. The coach recovered the last two for the match for third place, in which he also would count on Forlán even though he left the grass touched in the semifinal.

The Charruas they returned to training convinced of the words that the Crazy Abréu gave a Uruguayan media the day after falling defeated in the semifinal against the Netherlands: We want to be third parties; many would give everything to play the consolation final, it is still a great dream to be the third best team in the world “.