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Rubiales' 'Zen' Version: Money for Everyone and Psychological Help for Doctors Fighting the Virus

Gabby Barker






The Federation allocates $ 4 million for modest teams and negotiates a $ 500 million line of credit for professionals.

Luis Rubiales, during the press conference.

Luis Rubiales It has changed a lot in just one week. At least, from doors out. At the press conference where he announced the suspension of football, in principle for two days, he had all the imaginable words against Javier Tebas. I called him “irresponsible” On account of the tests that LaLiga had sent to the professional teams, he said it was a “unsupportive” and some other niceness. This Wednesday, however, the president of the Spanish Federation He has not entered even one of the controversial questions that have been raised. Neither the return of the competition, nor Thebes, nor Casillas… Nothing. Rubiales, his 'zen' version, real or imposted, has instead multiplied phrases such as the closing one: “We have to relax the statements, I reach out to look for intermediate lines of action, sensible, sensible proposals with those who need it most. “

Journalists have tried to tickle him, use the tactics of the 'oops what they told you' In search of a reaction of his so habitual, but there has been no way. Rubiales, who has even had a hard moment when he remembered that he is quarantining away from his daughters, had a very clear mission: to present himself as the man who only cares about the health not only of the football world, but of Spain in general, and as the man who only has thoughts to try to alleviate the devastating effects that the coronavirus in the world of the ball.

The president has therefore presented a forceful battery of economic measures that encompass both professional football (which is not in his sphere of activity) and non-professional football. For the most modest, it has announced an endowment of four million euros, from which those clubs that do not have sufficient liquidity to pay the salaries of technicians and players (and players) in this period of suspension of the competitions. The Federation will give them the money directly and the clubs will be able to return it to them during the next two years without interest. This measure is intended for clubs Second B, Third Division and the first categories of indoor soccer.


And, although it is not within its competence, the Federation has also promoted a preferential line of credit, of a minimum of 500 million euros, for all First and Second Division teams. Therefore, he invites LaLiga and AFE to join the negotiations with the main banks. “It is about the whole world of football getting the best out of this very dramatic situation,” said Rubiales.

Beyond these measures, it has also announced that it makes available to health authorities the Residence of the Soccer City of Las Rozas -where the selection is normally concentrated- available to relatives of the sick or doctors who, for not exposing their families, look for a place to sleep. At the time, it has also offered all physiotherapists and psychologists that move in the orbit of federative football so that their services can be used by hospital staff.

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