Rubiales’ controversies with women: from the kiss to Jenni Hermoso to her supposed “work trip” with a friend

The Spanish soccer team won the World Cup this Sunday, August 20. What should have been a constant recognition of the women’s team was overshadowed by the inappropriate kiss of Luis Rubiales to the player Jenni Beautiful. However, this has not been the only clash of the president of the Federation with women.

Four days after the controversy, several political leaders have already requested Rubiales’ resignation. Likewise, one day after the Federation itself convened an Extraordinary Assembly due to the controversy of its president, Jenni Hermoso broke her silence and asked the Federation that exemplary measures be taken.

In the same way, this Wednesday the statements of Tamara Ramos, former marketing director of the AFE, Association of Spanish Soccer Players. As the current manager of Futbolistas ON on Telecinco recounts, when she was still marketing director she suffered workplace harassment by Luis Rubiales, who was already president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

On the global controversy that has been unleashed by the kiss on the mouth that he gave to Jenni Hermoso, the former manager has been forceful: “I am not surprised because I have known him for many years and I have suffered it.” This has been pronounced before the cameras of the summer program.

Likewise, Tamara has recounted some of the harassment she suffered. “Humiliation, words that I cannot repeat due to the schedule, but it has been outrageous for a long time.” He has acknowledged that he asked him intimate questions, “such as what color underwear are you wearing today and how do you feel, being a woman in the world of football…” Ramos has slipped that, “with the power” he had, it was ” difficult” to face.

The controversies for Luis Rubiales continue. Before his inappropriate kiss to Jenni Hermoso, the Valencian architect Yasmina Eid-Macched, it became his worst nightmare. The architect denounced Luis Rubiales for alleged injuries, as well as for allegedly trying to pay for the reform that he did in his house (more than 120,000 euros) with funds from the Association of Spanish Soccer Players, which he presided over at the time. The president of the RFEF emerged innocent of both proceedings.

With his ex, the lawyer Delicate Manuel, also had clashes. They divorced after eleven years of relationship. “We have done the best we could,” Rubiales admitted in front of the cameras of the program Risto Mejide. After finishing his marriage, the sentimental life of the president of the Federation was not without controversy. In 2018, the painter Roberta Lobeira accepted a luxurious trip to New York at the hands of Rubiales.

Presumably, the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation invented a meeting with the UN and Major League Soccer to go on a romantic getaway. As various media reported, the couple’s expenses were paid with money from the RFEF, with the ‘excuse’ of a business trip.