The international press finishes off Rubiales on the worst day of his life: “The man of whom all of Spain is ashamed”

Your kiss without consent to Jenni Beautifultheir obscene gestures next to the queen letizia and the infanta sofiaor his subsequent statements calling all World Cup viewers “dumb ass”, have not gone unpunished. rubiales He faces his worst day this Friday: he will resign as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

“The man of whom all of Spain is ashamed” is how international media such as the German magazine define the ex-soccer player from the Canary Islands The mirror. And it is that this scandal has transcended national borders.

The newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung He defends in one of his columns that “soccer players are not a piece of meat or merchandise for influential men like Rubiales.” In the same line does the French The world: “The forced kiss to Jenni Hermoso is the symbol of an outdated machismo that overshadows the incredible victory of the selection.”

International criticism of Rubiales for the kiss to Jenni Hermoso:

Some British media like The GuardianFor his part, he portrays Rubiales as the man “who has enormous and tinkling brass balls, the same ones that he held in his hands in the guest rostrum at the World Cup.” CNN considers that “the Rubiales case is much more than an unwanted kiss on the lips.” “The only one who took advantage of this moment to publicly abuse a player was him,” she added.