Rubiales justifies his attitude in a shameful speech (and does not resign): “Jenni Hermoso was the one who brought me closer to her body”

“I am not going to resign, I am not going to resign”, has announced Luis Rubiales this Friday in the extraordinary Assembly of the RFEF to the surprise of all. The manager has given a shameful speech in which he has asked for a lukewarm apology for his obscene gesture next to the queen letizia y the infant sofiabut has defended that the kiss to Jenni Beautiful It was “consented”, despite the fact that everyone saw the opposite.

“I want to apologize without palliatives for an event that occurred in the box. I am going to explain it. When, in a moment of euphoria, I grabbed that part of the body that you have already seen, I did it looking at Jorge Vilda. We have suffered a lot but we have been together. Look how excited I was, to the point of losing control and at that moment I made the sign of ‘ole your eggs’ with forgiveness. I have to apologize to the queen and to the Royal House,” she said.

Regarding the kiss to the soccer player Jenni Hermoso, he assures that “she was the one who brought me closer to her body.” “I want to say that whoever sees the video, in front of 80,000 people, in front of millions of people on television, in front of part of my family and my daughters, the desire they could have in that kiss was the same as giving it to one of my daughters. No there is no desire, no position of dominance. False feminism is a scourge of this country. It was spoiled. This player missed a penalty. She picked me up, we hugged and I told her to forget about the penalty and she told me that it was a crack , and I gave him a peck and he said ‘okay'”.

So, he has admitted “not understanding” Hermoso’s statement, in which he asks that exemplary measures be taken against him. “Then there is silence and a statement that I do not understand. It is not about doing justice, a social murder is being carried out, to me. They are trying to kill me,” he affirms.

Rubiales believes that everything is due to a “hunt” against him and has responded to some politicians such as Yolanda Díaz or Irene Montero. “For five years they have been going after me with everything. Dozens of lawsuits. Complaints in court. Petitions for disqualification. Some powerful people are going to be bothered. I mean my three daughters, who today have to learn a lesson. Equality does not it is to differentiate an opinion between a man and a woman, but the truth and a lie. Daughters, learn it. You are real feminists. False feminism does not care about the truth. They want to put on a medal and say that we are moving forward. Mrs. Yolanda Díaz , Mrs. Montero, Mrs. Belarra, Echenique, have referred to this action with the word vexation, sexual violence, without consent, assault, by God, what will real women think that they have been sexually assaulted. To these people who have said this, that they have accused me, I am going to defend myself like any Spaniard, in court”.