Rosalía gets into trouble at her last concert: boos from the public for showing a flag

Although each concert of Rosalía It is quite a spectacle and the artist gathers thousands of fans, there are sometimes unpleasant anecdotes. The Catalan artist, who has already finished her Motomami Tour and is now immersed in the festival season, was booed during her show at the Asuncionico Festival in Paraguay.

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It all happened when the singer approached the first row of the stage to pick up a flag and immediately raised it into the air. What she did not expect is that the public was going to ask her not to teach it.

And it is that the flag was that of the Cerro Porteño Club, a local soccer team that appears to have a great rivalry with Olimpia FC, the other great team in the city. Given the reaction of the public, Rosalía returned the flag to her owner and assured that she did not know what it was about.

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Beyond the awkward moment, the interpreter of get rid of He closed his performance successfully. And it is that she is living one of the best professional stages of him and personally. It was this Friday when announced their engagement after three years of relationship with the also singer Raw Alejandro.