The other drama of Marta Riesco: Antonio David’s family does not love her and no longer hides it

Only a few days ago the Unicorn reporter received the notice of her dismissal. A jug of cold water for Martha I canwho has always defended his work and professionalism despite his controversies and differences with colleagues due to his relationship with Antonio David Flores. However, Ana Rosa Quintana and the new Mediaset dome are not the only ones who do not want her close to her: neither does her boy’s family.

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The hard core of the former civil guard is increasingly concerned about this relationship. Although they gave her a chance in the beginning, now they do not believe that Marta is the best company for Antonio David and they have let him know so. “They are quite worried”said Diego Arrabal. “They don’t look kindly on the journalist”. He also affirms that Flores’ sisters no longer hide her animosity towards her sister-in-law and the situation is complicated.

He, for his part, turns a deaf ear to this information and has shared this weekend a message of support to his girlfriend after her dismissal as a television reporter. “It is obvious that the order comes from the noble floor and that they have to extinguish all the people who are related to me. They never accepted that you say NO to all their Machiavellian offers, they never understood that you wanted to separate your profession from your private life, to From then on they gave you an account, publicly asked for your dismissal, humiliated you, harassed you, left you unprotected, forgetting that you worked for them. Better not be where they hurt you, where they don’t want you, where they don’t value you,” he said. “A window closes, but a door opens. You are a great woman and an excellent journalist with a great professional future.”