What to eat at Thai Emotion, the restaurant where Felipe VI dined

King Felipe VI traveled to the Thai Emotion restaurant in Madrid with some friends to enjoy a Thai-flavored dinner, led by Emilio Carcur, creator and architect of the original and Thai Garden.

In 1995 Emilio Carcur and his partner, Tasanai Phian-O-Pas, MadameTas, brought Thai food to Madrid with the opening of the first Thai restaurant in Madrid. This is how the well-known Thai Garden on Jorge Juan street was born. became a hot spot gastronomy of the city. It was the revolution. Thai Emotion has inherited that pioneering spirit and continues the tradition of offering the best food thai From the capital. The monarch went to the restaurant on calle Añastro, 48 to taste the authentic street food Thai. He was accompanied by some friends, with whom he enjoyed a pleasant evening.

What is eaten at Thai Emotion?

We whet our appetite with the Thai Duck Spring Rolls (roti duck breast strips with vegetables and citrus aromas) or Tod Man Pla (fried fish meatballs garnished with lemongrass, turmeric and coriander). in the catalog dumplings, served in their steamer, we find references to prawns, rice flour bun stuffed with pork marinated in red sauce or wheat flour stuffed with Bai Toey cream (pandanus leaf). Also, soup starters (aromatic shrimp tails, 17 euros); and salads, such as the laminated beef tenderloin marinated in lime juice and sautéed with red chili, for 20.80 euros. We continue with seafood in a soft and creamy red curry with aromatic herbs, served on a steamed banana leaf (24.50 euros). Recommended by the chef, the Tom Yam soup with fine battered chicken fillets and stir-fried in a wok with tamarind sauce, coriander, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and Phik Thai (25 euros). For curry lovers, fine laminated beef fillets accompanied by potatoes and cashew nuts, marinated in a smooth and creamy curry (25 euros). Impossible to miss the section of rice and noodles, such as the wok stir-fry combined with egg, vegetables and cashew nuts (17 euros). To close the evening, the Thai dessert of ripe mango with rice bathed in coconut milk.