Weeks after being away from television, rose benedict reappeared, via telephone, at the premiere of Fiesta, Telecinco’s new weekend program to reply to his niece Rocio Carrasco about all you’re counting on Rocio’s name.

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The mother of Chayo Mohedano admitted to being fed up: “It hurts me that all this can be allowed”, she lamented about what her niece says, that Dew Sworn he made the last gala of his life, that of TVE, because he had no money to pay for his cancer treatment.

“Just as it is said that she vomited. If all that had happened, do not you think that gala would not be cut and they take that woman home? We have had it all with her, but she has also had it all with us That is why he has always surrounded himself with us, with his people, with his gang,” defends Benito.

In addition, the program has put a video in which the woman from Fidel Albiac says “my mother used to say that in order for someone else to steal from me, let my brother steal from me and that’s how my nephews eat.” Something that has not sat well with the ex-wife of Amador Mohedano: “I’m going to tell you that my children have lived off their parents because I’ve had ovaries to get my children ahead, of which I’m super proud of the father they’ve had, who has been a hard worker and has worked all his life “.

“I don’t want to continue. I would respond to her and tell her things, but they are such huge headlines that it is what she is looking forward to and I am not going to do it. I will let time pass a little. Maybe there are others who They don’t work and they have to use us to earn money,” Rosa said.