Roger Grimau: “We are very ambitious”


Barça coach, Roger Grimau, was “very excited” about the team’s debut in the 2023/24 Euroleague, at the Palau Blaugrana and against Anadolu Efes Istanbul, and assured that they will be “thousand-per-thousand ambitious” in the face of fight to be “on top”, regardless of the rival.

“I’m not going to get involved in external sensations or what everyone thinks, but we are extremely ambitious and we are going to fight to be at the top, without a doubt,” he said at a press conference at the Palau Blaugrana.

Grimau, who was excited about his personal debut on the bench in a Euroleague that he won as team captain in Paris, assured that of the tough defeats at the beginning of the season against Real Madrid, in the Super Cup and in the Endesa League, they must learn.

“You have to learn from everything and improve. Often defeats give you this slap in the face of more or less intensity. I won’t say that it has been good for us, but we have had a good reaction and we have done good training. Hopefully tomorrow we can have the best version of our team,” he noted.

In this sense, he was honest and assured that he knows that he has a lot of pressure on him. “I know perfectly well the club I am in and its history. It is a very big maelstrom, there are things that are difficult for me to understand because we are just starting, but our discourse is the same and the desire to improve as well. The team will grow in the coming weeks” , he predicted.

He believes that this growth will come as they adopt game mechanisms that are costing “a little more” at the moment. “We know each other less, but we have worked and as the training goes on we will assume automatisms that are difficult for us now. We have only been together for a short time. We must get to the point in the few training sessions we have,” he assured.

As for the rival, an Anadolu Efes that has also changed coaches after the departure of Ergin Ataman and that has lost one of its stars, the Serbian Vasilije Micic, believes that they are playing “really well.”

“It is a team with a lot of intensity and one against one. It has many players with quality and capable of overpowering. Although many names will be heard in attack, in defense they are with very considerable activity, and running they are a very dangerous team,” he warned .