Alejandra Rubio unmasks Bigote Arrocet point by point after her exclusive: “Surrealistic”

Alejandra Rubiojust like his aunt Carmenreacted this Wednesday afternoon to the exclusive Arrocet Mustachewhich comes just a month after the death of the Malaga communicator. Carmen Borrego He does not go into denying the comedian out of respect for the memory of his mother, “who is already deceased”, but insists: “I repeat it again, the worst thing that has happened to my mother in her life has been this man.”

Terelu’s daughter, on the other hand, has denied that the comedian served as her grandmother’s night caretaker. According to Alejandra, when Bigote went to live in the house in Molino de la Hoz with María Teresa, they saved the money of the house’s doorman, but because the matriarch was already accompanied and her figure was unnecessary.

“The night caretaker thing… If she already lived with her partner and they could save that money, the doorman thing… It doesn’t seem like anything special to me either. I don’t think he would stand at the goal every night to see what was happening,” Alejandra explained on Sandra Barneda’s program.

He also questions other of his statements: “He says that my mother calls him because there are some photos of him in her apartment in Madrid. If they are friends, why wouldn’t they go visit him at María Teresa’s house? Why? What is he doing from behind?” At the same time, both she and Carmen have assured that no family member or person close to the Campos clan tipped off the paparazzi to catch him.

The presenter’s granddaughter, on the other hand, finds her statements completely unfortunate at this very delicate moment for the family, which is still mourning the death of María Teresa on September 5: “I don’t understand it. It’s not the time. “It has been part of my grandmother’s life, but now is not the time.”

About what the Chilean says about herself and her cousin José María Almogueraadded: “It leaves me quite happy, I don’t know why, I didn’t have such a close relationship with him either. It’s something surreal. It was just José María and I? We’ve all been there.”

The comedian has gone a long way against the Campos sisters in an exclusive for Ten minutes which was published this Wednesday: “In six years Terelu went to María Teresa’s house about ten times and Carmen didn’t even do that.” Among the bombshell headlines that the comedian throws out in his interview: “Teresa wanted to get married to leave me a pension”, “Whenever we went on a trip I paid for everything”, “Teresa’s jealousy was distancing the relationship” or “Not only was I night caretaker, he solved all the problems in the house.