Ana Rosa Quintana recognizes Pedro Sánchez’s attractiveness and compares him to Zapatero: “He has never been handsome”

This Wednesday, on the set of TardeAR They have talked about physical beauty. At the debate table, the focus has been on the attractiveness of different political faces. From leaders of the Popular Party such as Pablo Casado, Mariano Rajoy y José María Aznar; even socialist leaders like himself Pedro Sanchez, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero y Felipe Gonzalez.

Two of the program’s collaborators have joked about it. Susana Diazformer president of the Junta de Andalucía for the PSOE, and Cristina Cifuentesformer president of the Community of Madrid for the PP, have stated between laughter and jokes that they have never felt attracted to any of them.

Díaz, yes, has recognized that both Sánchez, Zapatero and González have been handsome when they were young. Ana Rosa QuintanaHowever, she has another opinion: “Felipe was born handsome, Zapatero has never been handsome and Sánchez… He is handsome,” said the presenter, the public scourge of the acting President of the Government.

In the first part of her program, the communicator usually deals with news and topics as light and varied as this one. This Monday, Lolita Flores surprised when talking about the infidelity of one of her ex-husbands. Vicky Martin BerrocalFor her part, she confessed this Tuesday that she has faked orgasms.