Dani Rincón attended the media after proclaiming himself junior champion of the US Open with his victory in the final against the Chinese and number one seed Juncheng Shang. The 18-year-old from Avila analyzed his performance and revealed what Nadal tells him when they train at his Academia de Manacor.

Sensations: “I feel great, I still don't know what to say, I don't believe it and I'm very happy because I wanted to continue playing this kind of tournaments, so this is amazing, with a great match in a great atmosphere, so I'm very happy to have won in New York “

Departure to Arthur Ashe: “It was amazing, but I was a bit intimidated to go out to Arthur Ashe to be applauded. But I guess if I want to be good, I'll have to get used to these things. It's a great way to start and I really appreciate it to the organization. “

Inconvenience: “I woke up with a little pain, but during training I found a way to serve a little faster than the day before, with less pain, focusing more on rhythm, timing, rather than hitting balls, and I'm happy to have been able to play without pain ”.

Decisive moments: “I tried to concentrate on going point to point. He played very well on the deuce side, not with big serves, but setting them well and hitting fantastically with the right hand. I tried to make him play every point and if I won it with a winner, good job. But it was not the case at the decisive moment and he was able to win that game and the next two were very good for me, until 6-5 in the tiebreaker.

Last point: “The ending was a combination that I hadn't seen if the ball had gone in and that I didn't believe I had won the game. There was a lot of noise and I didn't hear the out, and it really wasn't, and when the chair umpire said, play, set and match there I threw myself on the ground and enjoyed the moment.

Accompanied: “James Allenby, one of the three coaches I have at the academy, has been here with me”

Future: “I guess I'll have to talk to my team, but this was the last junior Grand Slam. The idea is to play ITF tournaments and collect points to be able to enter Challenger little by little. I have to focus on going up to come back here one day and follow the path of Carlos (Alcaraz) ”.

Train with Nadal: “When we train with Nadal, the main thing he tells us is that we always put intensity, starting with the legs, because if you move them well and if you take good positions to hit the ball, everything will go better. He doesn't talk much about strategy, only about effort, movement and giving everything, I think that's the main thing in tennis.

Greater satisfaction: “I improved every day, because I started with a bad feeling on the track. I won the first game mainly because of the serve. After each match I trained for an hour, and that made me feel better. The final was good, of a high level, and it was because I got better and better every day ”.