Valencia-Real Madrid on Sunday it will be like the usual. Mestalla will sound old, old normal, that boiler heating his own and overwhelmed his rivals. Valencia assumes that will sell the 29,000 tickets allowed by Health. 60% of the capacity. It won't be the 52,000 you used to see on nights like this, though after a year and a half of silence due to the pandemic they will seem. The return in multiples of the public arrives, in addition, in times of bonanza by Mestalla: with 10 points out of 12, co-leader and hooked in the Bordalás style.

“The game needs the public. It provides the ideal activation that helps you compete. The enthusiasm, passion and enthusiasm of the fans also play a role … Young players who have debuted in a pandemic and who have never experienced a game with thousands of people could find it difficult to adapt… But in general, the public is part of the game as an emotional component that affects performance, “says the sports psychologist José Carrascosa (Knowing how to compete / IMEDUCV). Mestalla has not hosted a game with such an audience since February 29, 2020, when 37,418 people attended Valencia-Betis.

Valencia, until yesterday, had sold more than 23,000 tickets. Remember that initially Health only allowed him to put 20,000 for sale, although after the resolution of the TSJCV in favor of a lawsuit filed by the League, the quota was expanded in 9,000. These went on sale on Tuesday, at prices ranging between 20 and 75 euros for those who reserved their subscription (until access to the 33,000 who did so is not allowed, it will be paid for each game) and 60 and 180 euros for the general public. Tickets have been sold out in 78 of the 123 sectors into which Mestalla is divided, including all the seats allowed in the stands next to the lawn.

There have been three games with an audience at the Mestalla since the pandemic: the last one last season against Eibar (3,000) and Getafe (9,800) and Alavés (11,000). The three were settled with victory for Valencia, with 7 goals in favor and none found. Interestingly, with its stadium behind closed doors, Valencia only added 28 of 66 points (44.4%).