Carles rexach and Bernd Schuster have aligned with Ronald Koeman, which they have defended, during the charity event ‘Desafío Nacex Barça-Madrid’ of golf and paddle tennis, in which former players from both teams come together for a good cause; this time, for the “Covid-19 Emergency Fund” of Cáritas.

Rexach has explained that “Koeman has reached the Barça in a difficult and complicated moment, and he is doing it relatively well. “And he adds:” It is not his problem, it is a team problem that does not quite work. ” Barça He can aspire to the League and the Cup and what a goal in Europe today is to qualify for the Champions League. “Right now, there are five or six teams better than Barça and Madrid to Europe”.

Then asked about the arrival of Xavi, Rexach was clear: “All previous coaches since Rijkaard they have won because there was a good team. Now it comes Setien and has problems. Comes Koeman and has problems. The arrows (on the board) do well but it is the players who move in the end. The Barça it has a lot of young people and it is necessary to settle down, the cycle changes are always accused “

Bernd Schuster it was along the same lines. Consider that the Barça “It has not yet gained confidence, nor automatisms.” “It is normal to doubt. The problem is not the coach. A lot has happened at the club. Many players have left, one of them Messi, which has marked an era. They have changed the way they play but I notice that they are still looking for Messi and it is not. That’s what needs to change. It is not a matter of the players. Koeman He has experience and it’s up to him to change that philosophy. “

And defends him when he said there was no team to win the Champions. “Are you saying it to me for something? We want to be more sincere than anyone is a certain moment. Sometimes we want to defend ourselves a little bit, remove that high pressure from what a team like him has. BarçaThat didn’t work out for me. In principle it is something normal, maybe you have to give other messages to people but sometimes it costs “. Alfonso Pérez throws a cape on him. “The problem comes from long ago, there has been a bad management in all the senses”.

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