Real Valladolid once again demonstrated absolute dominance in José Zorrilla that resulted in three goals -the last two scored in the final stages of the game-, against a Fuenlabrada that barely disturbed and ended with nine on the field, after being sent off. de Pulido and Pol Valentín’s injury.

Valladolid did not come out with as much intensity as in the clash against Mirandés, but they made clear their intention to control the ball and dominate the offensive facet from the start, despite the variation in the starting eleven and the important absences of Weissman, Gonzalo Plata or Roque Mesa.

And that the first chance of scoring was in his Mbia boots, whose header went out for very little, in those first bars of the match, in which Valladolid took time to compose their tactical puzzle, which took advantage of the table Madrid to try to surprise them.

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But those of “Pacheta” were intoned and found themselves comfortable in the field of play and began to play in the opposite area, gaining more and more confidence, thanks to a great combinatorial game, starring Toni Villa and an active Sergio León, whose role was more marked in the absence of Weissman.

It was precisely the Cordovan striker who opened the locker, with a shot on the body of the visiting goalkeeper, who could not prevent him from crossing the goal line, and after Alcaraz’s center. 1-0 on the scoreboard against a very blunt opponent in defense, which favored the power of the locals.

Sergio León himself had the opportunity to extend the result before the break, but Altube pulled out a good hand to deflect his shot outside the goal. Thus, with that blanquivioleta control, but with a game that was too open in terms of scoring, the end of the first half was reached.

As happened at the beginning of the game, it was Fuenlabrada who took the initiative on the offensive plane, with a great chance from Dago, who found himself with a dead ball in the center of the field to plant himself in the local area, although he did not hit the mark. in your shot. It was a warning for the Valladolid people not to relax.

They did not. They went to look for the second goal, and Óscar Plano had a good opportunity to do it, but both his shot, as well as Nacho’s later, were deflected by Altube. Nor did Joaquín hit with his header, nor Aguado who, with all the goal for him, shot out.

The reward came. And also the first goal of Cristo González with the elastic blanquivioleta, after the center of Roque Mesa. That goal cheered Real Valladolid, who finished off their dominance with a third goal from Óscar Plano, who defined perfectly, after receiving a great pass from Luis Pérez, to establish the final 3-0.

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Real Valladolid: Robert; Luis Pérez, Javi Sánchez (Víctor Narro, m.90), Joaquín, Nacho; Óscar Plano, Aguado (Kiko Olivas, m.90), Alcaraz (Kike, m.70), Toni Villa (Roque Mesa, m.70); Cristo González, Sergio León (Anuar, m.79).
CF Fuenlabrada: Altube; Pol Valentín, Pulido, Juanma, Gozzi Iweru (Iribas, m.61); Pedro León, Dieguez, Cristóbal, Anderson (Pina, m.74); Mbia (Mula, m.61), Dago (Soldano, m.71).
Goals: 1-0, m.19: Sergio León. 2-0, m.86: Cristo González. 3-0, m.88: Óscar Plano.
Referee: Rubén Ávalos Barrera (Catalan Committee). He showed yellow cardboard to Javi Sánchez (m.41), Óscar Plano (m.53), from Real Valladolid and to Mbia (m.27), Anderson (m.34), Dieguez (m.67), Pulido (direct red, m.71), from Fuenlabrada.
Incidents: Match corresponding to the sixteenth day of LaLiga SmartBank played at the José Zorrilla stadium before 14,105 spectators.

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