What spirit do you have to continue with the National Team?

-I’m fine and I have the confidence of the group and the coach. Here I am still and the objective is to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar, and if I am confident I will continue a few more games. I only try to help my colleagues and be as well prepared as possible, everything else does not depend on me. I try to improve every day and work hard every day, and the rest is no longer up to me.

What memories do you have of the last refereeing of Brych, who whistled the semi-final against Italy and showed him a yellow card?

-Hope you go unnoticed and have a good day. I remember more about the semi-final against Italy, about the match, than about refereeing.

What do you think of Luis Enrique’s work?

-It is a luxury to have Luis Enrique as coach, because these coaches usually work in the clubs and he is here with us. We have only lacked a bit of luck to have reached higher goals in recent tournaments, but we are on the right track.

What do you think of Ibrahimovic?

-Ibrahimovic is a world-class player, has been in great teams and is a champion. It is not easy to remain in the ‘top’ at the age of forty, and that already says everything about its quality. I’m very happy that he is doing well … except in the game against us. I have a great memory of when Ibra was at Barça, although he spent less time than he surely would have liked. But he is a great one, and I personally like to see him play.