The Real Madrid has completed on the stage of the final of the Championsthe Stade de France in Paris, the last training session to prepare for the clash against Liverpool This Saturday, May 28 (9:00 p.m., Movistar Champions League and TVE). In the midst of great expectation from the media, the box of Ancelotti has carried out the last preparatory session for the grand final with the entire squad ready.

There are no injured in the white team and Marcelo y Alaba They trained normally in a session marked by a good atmosphere between the players and the coaching staff. Tras the press conferences of Carlo Ancelotti, Thibaut Courtois y Marcelo Training began with a talk by the Italian coach to the entire squad in midfield.

Afterwards, the players played rounds, a game of reduced dimensions, and finished with finishing exercises in front of the goal. Bale, Mariano and Isco are the three footballers who have not participated in the game and have stayed with Toni Fuidiasthe substitute goalkeeper, taking shots on goal.

Familiar faces at the Stade de France

In training, many familiar faces have been seen, especially former footballers who collaborate with the media. Iker Casillas, Roberto Carlos Gerrard, Del Piero, Crouch or Iván Zamorano They have witnessed the session and have talked with some Madrid players.

Relatives of the white footballers have also been in the stands following the training and later they have gathered to greet each other before heading to the concentration hotel.

Courtois and his partner, at the Stade de France

Courtois and his partner, at the Stade de France


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