Black Friday will kick off the Christmas campaign on November 26, and Solvia has decided to join this initiative by launching the promotion ‘Properties at the best price’, made up of more than 4,100 assets at adjusted prices. The objective of the real estate services firm is to bring large and small investors a portfolio of properties at reduced prices, in order to help them obtain high returns and take advantage of the growth situation in which Real Estate is found.

Solvia experts assure that the sector is in a growth situation, especially in the housing market, with a 14% rise in sales of 14% during the first eight months of the year, compared to the same period of 2019. The Prices will continue to rise in the coming months almost certainly.

Aware of this context, Solvia offers a selection of homes, garages, storage rooms, premises, offices, warehouses and land, both new and second-hand. Here you can check other real estate discounts for Black Friday.

Rebound in sales

According to the latest Autumn Financial Stability Report of the Bank of Spain, the real estate sector shows a significant rebound in the sale of homes during the first eight months of 2021 (+ 14% compared to the same period in 2019). A situation of expansion that, although it has the residential market at the forefront, also begins to show signs of recovery in terms of investment in other areas such as tertiary or land management and marketing.

Bearing this context in mind, the Solvia development, which will be in force until the end of the year, offers homes, garages, storage rooms, premises, offices, warehouses and land, both new and second-hand, distributed throughout the Spanish geography. Especially in the Valencian Community (1,120 properties), Catalonia (700), Andalusia (370), Community of Madrid (360), Castilla y León (350), Region of Murcia (310), Castilla-La Mancha (290), Principality of Asturias (140), Galicia (120), Extremadura (80), Aragon (70) and the Canary Islands (60).

The selected residential assets, 1,400 in total, have an average price of 87,000 euros and an average surface area of ​​110 m2, which corresponds to a cost of 791 euros / m2, 52% below 1,649 euros / m2 registered by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda for free housing in Spain.

As for garages and storage rooms, with a selection of 1,600 properties, the average cost is 7,400 euros and 1,800 euros, respectively, and the average area of ​​18 m2 in parking spaces and 7 m2 in storage rooms.

Within the tertiary assets, the campaign includes 520 premises and offices of 117,800 euros on average and 209 m2 on average. The warehouses, meanwhile, have an average price of 245,000 euros and 1,507 m2 of average surface.

Along with the above, the real estate services firm also offers interesting opportunities in land, thanks to a selected portfolio of 540 plots with an average cost of 132,500 euros.