The Real Madrid has gotten tired of waiting for the answer from Sergio Ramos to the renewal offer that the white club put on the table in December 2020 and, except for a surprise by the end of June, will not back down despite the fact that the captain has been in favor of continuing at the club in the last weeks.

Florentino Pérez proposed to the captain to extend his contract for one more season (it ends in 2021), maintaining his salary but applying a 10% salary reduction, a measure that the club wants to take with the entire squad to alleviate the economic problems that the entity drags due to the pandemic.

The captain's silence during this time was interpreted from the upper echelons of the Real Madrid as a refusal to renew. Sergio Ramos demanded two more years of contract while negotiating with clubs like the Manchester City or the PSG and advised the president to plan the next season without him, according to the newspaper ABC.

However, the offers that Sergio Ramos has received do not meet the expectations of the central defender, who at 35 has lived through a season marked by injuries (he could only play five games in 2021) and ended in the worst way after not being called up by Luis Enrique to dispute the Eurocup.

Now, with 20 days to go until his contract expires, the player seems ready to continue. According to various media, the Madrid captain has now reversed his desire to leave Real Madrid and he would be for the work of accepting the offer that the club presented him first in June and then in March.

The new intentions of the captain now collide with the position of the club, which considers that the offer is no longer on the table. The entity gave a term to Sergio Ramos to accept or reject the offer until the end of the League and, getting no response, finally withdrew the offer.

Inflexible Florentine

Now it is the central who is waiting for a response from the club and, various media, will hold a conversation with Florentino Pérez to try to redirect negotiations that seemed broken just a few days ago.

In the white club, meanwhile, they are very pessimistic with the possibility that Sergio Ramos continue on Real Madrid the next season. Now it is not due to the lengths that the captain has been giving in recent months but to the inflexible position of Florentino Pérez, who has been in charge of leading the negotiations during this time.

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