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Ramos: “Sanction? I don't think he said anything out of place or disrespected ”

Gabby Barker



Sergio Ramos
He spoke in the previous duel against Manchester City (9:00 p.m.), about his possible sanction for his words against Hernandez Hernandez after the game against Levante. The Real Madrid captain was very clear in saying that “I don't think he said anything out of place or disrespected. We live in a democratic country where you can say what you think. I don't think the limit that we should not cross has passed. ”

Yes, Sergio Ramos sent a new message to Hernández Hernández and to the Spanish arbitral collective when compared with arbitrations in European competitions. “If I feel persecuted? Persecuted perhaps not. The philosophy at arbitration level in Europe is different from the Spanish one, they are more permissive in certain things, ”he said, but add that“ I have been taking care of the relationship with the referees and except the anecdote of the previous chapter, which I think is something personal, I think I have a good relationship with the referees. ”

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