CCOO considers Rubiales’ conduct “intolerable” and demands his resignation


The CCOO Citizen Services Federation (FSC-CCOO) considered “intolerable” the conduct of the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, for kissing the player Jenni Hermoso on the lips, a ” unacceptable aggression” that supposes a “vexatious treatment” towards the soccer player, for which they demanded her resignation.

“The unacceptable aggression against a player and the humiliating and discriminatory treatment in professional women’s soccer must stop immediately, and negotiate dignified and comparable conditions with male teammates,” said the statement issued by the entity this Thursday, in which they also described of “intolerable” the behavior of the president.

For FSC-CCOO, Rubiales’ performance in the celebration “has transcended the image of a sexual assault to make visible the inequity between professional athletes women and men, between female and male formations.”

According to the statement, behind the non-consensual kiss to Jenni Hermoso and other “unfortunate images” disseminated, such as the load on Athenea del Castillo’s shoulder, there are “various inadmissible forms of discrimination.” FS-CCOO highlighted Rubiales’ “lack of respect” “through gestures and unobserved contacts with respect to male soccer players”; “absence of consideration before the audiences”; and a “different treatment in daily work development” that “includes internal protocols and state laws that protect equality and combat machismo.”

In addition, given the wage inequality between men and women in soccer, the FSC-CCOO recalled that it had already demanded in 2014 “that female soccer players could have a Professional League through the ‘You play a lot’ campaign.” It also highlighted its role in the call strike in 2019 and the collective negotiations that began in 2022.

Finally, they described as “totally anachronistic” that certain media outlets try to “minimize what happened, whitewash the actions of Luis Rubiales and place responsibility on the victim.” “There is an ethical gap that affects the whole of society when half the population is undervalued because of their sex. We demand responsibility, application of the corresponding sanctions and consistency on the part of those who hold the powers in professional football,” he concluded. .