Raiola lands another blow

It is not by chance that it has the Superagent label. Mino Raiola has done it again. While the great clubs of Europe fight and position themselves to sign a star in the making, he already has him in his team. Raiola has just signed Zion Atta, as confirmed by the Daily Mail, Crystal Palace's child prodigy. The representative ensures another future blow and has advanced to many of the great European clubs, which had already approached the player to tempt him. Now you will have to go through it and you know what to do.

Crystal Palace Shield / Flag

It was a sprinter race and Raiola won again by hand. Last season Crystal Palace defended themselves as best they could by preventing the player from leaving for City or Liverpool, who are fighting to sign him. And the one who has taken advantage of all that has been Raiola. Ajax, Roma and, of course, Dortmund had also already knocked on his door, now they will have to pick up the agent's always hot phone. And the price will skyrocket. The machinery is already in motion. Atta refused to sign a professional contract with Crystal Palace and now Raiola will take over.

Haaland's agent among many others is sufficient guarantee for the player's family, which has been declining scholarships and professional contracts to clarify his future in the elite. Crystal Palace paid Milwall just under € 70,000 for Zion Atta three years ago, when she was 13. The left winger is a U-16 international with England, but could still play for Italy or Ivory Coast due to family ties and already has a signed contract with Adidas.