Carla Vigo She confessed just a few days ago what was happening to her and revealed through her social networks that she has been fighting eating disorders since she was a child, only 14 years old. the niece of Mrs. Letizia She is now focused on recovering her health: “Recovering completely is very complicated. I have not gone out because I have had relapses. It happens as with alcoholics, who never fully recover. I have to be careful with certain behaviors,” she explained.

He revealed that he suffers from eating disorders, a type of disorder related to self-perception and distortion of body image. The most frequent are anorexia and bulimia. The daughter of the disappeared Erika Ortiz y Anthony Vigo He told it in a direct from his social networks: “I began to see myself badly. At the age of 14 I began to do things that were harmful to me, but it was when I was eight or nine years old that I began to see myself badly in the mirror.” She is recovering at home, she has assured that she suffers from bulimia and that she has been hospitalized in recent weeks.

She added: “I was a girl and I didn’t know what was happening to me. I couldn’t identify it because no one had told me about it either. It’s something that will accompany you all your life, but you have better times.”

Princess Leonor’s cousin shared these confessions on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, He went to therapy to treat himself: “Group therapy helps me a lot. I went to the family doctor and they sent me to the psychiatrist.” However, full recovery is a slow process: “For the moment, I have not gone out [de la enfermedad] because I have had relapses. Recover me as such, no. Recovering fully is very difficult. It happens as with alcoholics, who never fully recover. I have to be careful with certain behaviors, “he explained. My support has been my friends and my family. I also support myself in dancing because it helps me not to think about anything and to take care of everything.”

Magazine Week These days, he reports on the Queen’s concern for the health of her niece Carla Vigo, who has suffered from eating disorders for which she has had to be admitted. Carla, 22, is the daughter of Erika Ortiz Rocasolano, the youngest of the sisters Letizia and Telma Ortiz, died in February 2007 at the age of 31, leaving her daughter, who was then 6 years old, orphaned.

The girl grew up without her mother. She never forgot the manner of her death. Her father rebuilt her life and created a new family. Her maternal grandparents were already divorced and her aunt, Princess of Asturias and later Queen of Spain, had to devote a lot of time to her obligations. In her studies, Carla, she only managed to finish high school, trying in recent years to take acting classes, become an actress, in the company of Raphael Bitter. It was not the most appropriate place, the dancer, arrested again this Thursday, is dotted with a serious issue of drug trafficking that could land him in prison.

Carla hasn’t had any luck with her romantic relationships either. Her courtship for a year and a half with Álvaro Uceda ended last fall. It is not strange that growing up as a child and adolescent in these circumstances has marked her personality. Informalia has been able to confirm that Carla Vigo He has gone through a bad spell of health, physical and mental. In fact, months ago, she has been admitted to a clinic for a month and a half and although Week He assures that the queen has been very aware of the evolution of her niece, there is no record that she has gone to visit her.

We have also been able to verify that he is better, that he lives with friends in a shared apartment and that he has plans to study social integration issues, to work helping children with problems, and people who need psychological help and understanding. Subjects about which she knows a lot from her own experience.

Neither Carla nor her aunt the queen will ever forget Érika. On February 7, we told that Doña Letizia had worn two different models in the capital of Angola. Both the one in the morning, in black and white polka dots, and the official reception in the afternoon, black skirt and white blouse, had mourning color and it was not by chance. Carla would shout to whoever wanted to listen and warned that she was going through a similar moment.

That day was exactly 17 years since her little sister wanted to leave this life. Carla also remembered her mother, as we picked up on as she demonstrated in her profile from Instagram with a photo with his father and a moving text:

“16 years have passed since your trip without a return ticket, although it hurts less and less, but every day of my life, what I most wish for is that you could come down from wherever you are to give me one last hug and to see the person I have become Around here things have changed a lot but we still think of you. I’m going through a very hard stage but thanks to this I understand you much better. I don’t want you to worry about me because I’m going to be fine and in this process I’ve met wonderful people so it hasn’t been so bad.” says Carla’s endearing letter to her dead mother.

“I would have liked to enjoy more with you but life is sometimes not as we expect. Well, Bella Flor, now we are saying goodbye, I will always love you and even if I have already mourned, I will never forget you. I love you” . And add a heart in red, as a demonstration of love.