Radamel Falcao García gave his opinion on the celebrations without hugs in the return of football.
Radamel Falcao García gave his opinion on the celebrations without hugs in the return of football.

One of the most repeated images in the resumption of the Bundesliga was that of goal celebrations with elbows or fists. In most of the many that were scored at the start of Date 26 of the first division of German football, the players congratulated each other from a distance or simply clashed their arms. That generated a great debate and one of the people in charge of starting it was the Colombian soccer player. Radamel Falcao García.

"Seeing the return of football I ask myself: Is there a technical reason why hugging is not allowed in goals? Throughout the game we are in constant contact. At a corner kick are the defenders on top of you! At the barriers they are all together"Wrote the Colombian striker on his Twitter account.

Is that while Erling Haaland or the rest of the players who scored goals at the beginning of the sixteenth day chose not to hug anyone, thus maintaining the social distance imposed by the German authorities, it is true that the dynamics and the very essence of the game made that there are many contacts in the matches.

Thats why he 'Tiger' He showed his dissatisfaction with this recommendation to avoid approaching his own colleagues when scoring, something that it is not private by the regulation but it was suggested by the authorities. The message of Falcao He quickly went viral and opened a debate with his followers.

Radamel Falcao awaits the resumption of the Turkish league (REUTERS)
Radamel Falcao awaits the resumption of the Turkish league (REUTERS)

"I think it is the message that soccer wants to give the world", the journalist replied Andrea Guerrero. “It is certainly more symbolic, it has no other explanation. Football will be a benchmark to understand how we have to live day by day in many of our activities"Added his colleague Ricardo Henao.

In the meantime, Radamel Falcao, who currently plays in the Galatasaray, awaits the resumption of the Turkey Super League, who has already decreed that he will retake his championship on June 12. The Turkish football championship has been suspended for two months due to the pandemic of coronavirus, which has caused more than 4,000 deaths in the country.


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