Puigdemont enrolls his daughters in an expensive school in Brussels that he does not pay for and they study in Spanish

Carles Puigdemont He did not run in the 23J elections but JxCat did, the party whose strings the fugitive pulls from Belgium, where he resides. In the last elections in Catalonia, the pro-independence party obtained 7 seats and 392,634 votes, 70,000 less than ERC, a third of those obtained by the PSC and even less than those obtained by the Popular Party in that autonomy. However, the resulting parliamentary arithmetic after the recount turned the MEP into a key piece for governability.

The former president of the Generalitat conditions the investiture on the amnesty for those who broke the law arriving before Pedro Sanchez revalidate his status as president.

The scandal has raised blisters in society, it is the national debate, and it has even blown up the internal consensus of the PSOE, where the voices of those who unreservedly express their position contrary to what many consider blackmail abound. Felipe González, Alfonso Guerra o Nicolas Round Terreros, already expelled from Ferraz, are just some of the prominent socialists who have even criticized the possibility of a future amnesty.

But the problem is even more serious if we take into account that Puigdemont is not only demanding amnesty. He asks that the gesture mean kneeling, asking for forgiveness, a kind of MEA culpa by the State, and not an act of generosity towards criminals.

Waiting for Pedro Sánchez to assume this humiliation or try to tone down the discourse of the cooperator necessary to continue in Moncloa, Carles Puigdemont maintains his family life and addresses the comings and goings of any parent. But with some important nuances.

The former president of the Generalitat and his family lived apart most of the time. The fugitive from Justice has resided in Waterloo, Belgium, since he decided to flee Spain three days after the failed declaration of independence of Catalonia for fear of being tried and enter prison for rebellion, sedition and embezzlement.

But both the wife of the current member of the European Parliament, Marcela Topor, Como and his two daughters lived until the end of the last school year in their mansion in the Golf II Urbanization of Sant Julià de Ramis, on the outskirts of Gerona.

As Informalia has learned, this situation has changed just a few weeks ago because his daughters, María, 14, and Magali, 16, are starting a new school year and will now study and live in Brussels with their father. The new school chosen by the independence movement that threatens the governance of Spain is expensive, elitist, international and multilingual (although no Catalan), and offers the curriculum of the European Schools. The most curious thing is that her daughters have chosen the so-called “Spanish line”, since there are other options, although not Catalan.

One of the most striking things, of course, is the precio. The youngest, because she is in the first years of secondary school, pays 24,500 euros per year, plus extras, such as meals or extracurricular activities, and the oldest, 29,500, according to the center’s website. But as a member of the European Parliament, Puigdemont can charge at least part of this expense to the budget of these Institutions, that is, what we all pay with public money.

Officials are paid many of their expenses for family relocation

The girls have studied all these years, since he fled Spain, in a public school in Girona, a school committed to the independence process. His wife, Marcela Topor, has worked all this time as a television show host. A job that gave her a lot of talk because it depended on the Barcelona Provincial Council, chaired by her husband’s party. According to what was published, for six months of the program he pocketed 36,000 euros. To this she had to add her income as director of Catalonia Today and as host of a program on Punt Avui TV. A fortune that, had she moved permanently with her husband, whom she has been with for 22 years, she would have lost. In the program, Topor interviewed well-known personalities, but he barely had an audience.

Until now, Topor and the girls were traveling to Belgium to see Carles whenever they could, which wasn’t much because they couldn’t miss school. So all these years they have grown up with his father absent most of the time.