Narcís Rebollo and Eugenia Martínez de Irujo want to bring the First Lady of the United States to the Sevillian Grammys

The delivery of the Grammy Latinos, on November 16 at the Seville Conference and Exhibition Palace, will turn the capital of Seville into a global focus for Latin music. This gala had never been held in Spain and in the election of our country it has played an essential role Narcís Rebollopresident for Spain and Portugal of Universal Music, the record company of such important Spanish artists as Aitana, Antonio Carmona, David Bisbal Antonio Orozco, Pitingo, Luz Casal, Ana Guerra and so many other successful performers.

One of the great parties of this Latin week in Seville could be held at the Las Dueñas palace, the favorite mansion of the Duchess of Alba, who died there on November 20, 2014. Her daughter, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, wife of Narcís Rebollo, is delighted that her mother’s palace opens its doors to one of the great celebrations of these awards.

But the big surprise of all these celebrations could be the attendance of Jill Biden, wife of the president of the United States. In the 2024 elections, in which the Democrat aspires to retain his position, the Latino vote is essential to remain in the White House. The Grammys are a good platform for the North American first lady to convey her support to the population of Hispanic origin in that country. There are more than 62 million inhabitants of Latino origin among the 333 million Americans. Latinos now outnumber non-Hispanic whites.

Also playing in favor of Jill Biden’s possible presence in Seville is her friendship with Julissa Reynoso, the current North American ambassador to Spain. The diplomat of Dominican origin, a close friend of Narcís Rebollo and Eugenia, has been invited on several occasions to private parties at the Liria palace.

There are other Grammy events in different Andalusian cities. Ana Guerra will sing in a concert in Malaga, there will be a flamenco gala in Granada and a tribute to Laura Pausini, prior to the awards ceremony in Seville. The list of nominees will be announced this coming Tuesday, September 19, live and direct, from different points in America and Europe.