Athenea del Castillo: “We players cannot make these changes that we ask for”

“I am not contemplating giving up the national team call”


The Spanish international Athenea del Castillo, one of the two world champions who have not signed the statement against the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), has assured that she “does not” contemplate “giving up the call” of the national team because “a “an important part” of the soccer players’ demands “have been satisfied”, in addition to indicating that they cannot “execute these changes” in the organization because “they are not” the ones designated for that.

“Given the proximity of the Nations League dispute and taking into account that an important part of our demands have been satisfied, I do not contemplate giving up the call of the national team. And I would like to clearly present my arguments,” he stated in a statement published on his social networks.

First of all, the Real Madrid player reiterated her support for Jenni Hermoso and recalled that she did sign the players’ statement issued after the RFEF Assembly, in which those present applauded the former president Luis Rubiales. “I totally agree, as my colleagues have already expressed, in denouncing everything that happened with Jenni Hermoso and in pointing out the behavior, totally out of place and regrettable, of Luis Rubiales,” she said.

“For this reason, I signed a statement along with 80 other footballers in which we condemned the events and in which I stated that I would not go to the national team if Luis Rubiales continued in his position. After that letter and the subsequent events that we all know, Luis Rubiales and Jorge Vilda are no longer in the RFEF,” he highlighted.

Now, the Cantabrian considers that they should focus exclusively on football. “Firstly, we are footballers. Taking into account what has happened in recent weeks, it never hurts to remember it. We owe ourselves to our profession and we have to fulfill our duty. Secondly, the changes we demand have names and surnames and I believe that the best way to provoke them or, at least, start them is from within,” he stressed.

“Of course I consider that they are necessary, but I am also aware of the situation of total uncertainty that the RFEF is going through, so I want to give a vote of confidence to the people who have taken command at this moment. I am clear that the players We cannot execute these changes that we are asking for because we are not designated for that,” she continued.

In addition, he recalled that ahead there is “a very important tournament” that could lead them “to compete in the Olympics.” “We are the world champion team and we cannot forget it, all the players have spent some horrible weeks after having achieved one of the most important feats in Spanish sport, and I particularly want to go to football, watch football and, above all, play football. football. In short, I have expressed what I think and what I want to do, nothing more and nothing less, I want this whole situation to end once and for all and go back to thinking only about football, playing, watching and enjoying it,” he concluded.