Problems between María del Monte and Inmaculada Casal because of Antonio Tejado: the singer softens towards her nephew

The investigation into the robbery they suffered Maria del Monte And his wife, Immaculate Casallast August, continues its course. Antonio Tejadoconsidered the “intellectual author” of the assault, remains in preventive detention since he entered the Seville prison on February 12 and his situation has generated conflicts between his aunt and his wife, who do not agree on the indictment. particular.

The situation for María del Monte is very complicated, as she finds herself between a rock and a hard place. According to This is life, the artist does not want to harm his family and maintains the hope that his nephew, as he proclaims, is innocent, while the attitude of the journalist, who was attacked during the assault, is harsher. Both agreed to adhere to the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, which opposed the release requested by Tejado’s defense, but the singer has her doubts: “Those close to María and Inmaculada admit to me that there is a dispute between them over the indictment.” Despite the differences, they affirm that the singer will give in to support his wife in the request for Antonio to be jailed.

Tejado declared on March 15. He denied any involvement in the violent robbery and disassociated himself from the criminal organization with which he is associated. He claimed that he did not know any of his members except for the ringleader, the boxer. Arseny Garibyan ‘The Russian’, since he trained in his gym. Furthermore, he said convinced: “My aunt knows that I have nothing to do with it.” After his statement, his lawyer Fernando Velo formally requested his provisional release from the Investigative Court number 16 of Seville. He alleged lack of evidence against him. The Prosecutor’s Office has opposed this request.

For the Public Ministry, the investigation of the case is very advanced, but there is still one piece of evidence that can provide new information about what happened: the transfer of the 10 mobile phones seized from the six people who were detained. In addition, the Investigative Judge number 16 of Seville, Juan Gutiérrez Casillas, has ordered that the victims of the robbery (María del Monte, Inmaculada Casal, her daughter and her son-in-law) be examined by the forensics of the Institute of Legal Medicine of Seville to determine the both physical and mental injuries who suffer as a result of the violent robbery.