Princess Leonor escaped to New York with a friend at Easter

The Princess Eleanor He has been in New York during the Easter holidays and in the city of skyscrapers he met one of his best friends, Gabriel Giacomelliwho lives in Manhattan and studies there at university.

We saw her in Zaragoza clubbing and also with her family following with devotion the Encuentro procession in Madrid.

But after seeing her parents and sister in the capital, she flew to the US on Easter Sunday and in New York she was with this friend whom some media outlets identified as her boyfriend since she met him when they were both studying International Baccalaureate in Wales.

Magazine Hola, which collects the news, is careful to clarify that there is no romantic relationship and explains that the first-born of the Kings has crossed the Atlantic to meet a friend, without further ado. “We are in a position to categorically deny that the daughter of the Kings has maintained or maintains a romantic relationship with this classmate from her boarding school years,” reads the weekly’s text.

The publication adds that “the Kings of Spain are not ones to clip their wings,” and remembers that the heiress is 18 years old and that her parents “don’t find it difficult to put themselves in their place, especially Felipe VI, who was also a young man.” heir to the throne, although those were different times, and, of course, they trust her completely.

On the other hand, we must remember that the daughter of Don Felipe and Letizia invited this young man to Spain on an Easter vacation and, as we gathered at the time, she introduced him to her family and they even attended the maternal grandmother’s 70th birthday together. by Leonor, Paloma Rocasolano.

Gab, as he is called in those around him, is somewhat older than the Princess of Asturias and is originally from São Paulo, although he has lived in Manhattan since he was a child. His father is a financier who works for Deutsche Bank Securities, and is director of emerging markets research. His mother is a director of a marketing and communications firm.