Princess Leonor will be tutored by a lieutenant colonel during her military training

The princess eleanor it is called “to carry out the supreme command of the Armed Forces”. It will be when, in the future, she ascends to the Throne. These are words contained in Royal Decree 173/2023, published in the BOE, number 63, dated March 15, 2023. He signs it Philip VI and the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles. In addition, it is expressly stated that he will enter the General Military Academy (Zaragoza), the Naval Military School (Marín) and the General Air Academy (San Javier). A “specific” path has been designed for her, which is a replica of the journey that her father, Don Felipe, undertook in 1985. In the text published in the Bulletin there is a sentence written specifically for her: her income “reinforces the increasingly relevant role of women in the Armed Forces”whose officers “are trained in the same military educational centers.”

As the supreme command of the Armed Forces, which she will assume in adulthood, the Princess of Asturias not only has to have a military career, but a 360º experience has been mapped out for her. A coexistence in the Naval academies and school, which provide her students with “both a scientific and a humanistic profile.” They are, continues the text published in the BOE, “leadership schools”, in which “the mentality of improvement and effort” is inculcated.

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for the daughter of Philip VI y Joy It will be three academic years. It will begin in August of this year and will end in 2026. His time in the Army and the Navy will allow him to “a robust formation” focused on its commitment to “permanent service to Spain and the Spanish people”, according to the decree. This character of “service to Spanish society” is also mentioned in the statement issued by the Casa del Rey on March 14. The heiress will receive an education in which virtues “such as loyalty, discipline, courage or camaraderie, and principles such as responsibility, exemplarity or austerity” will be fostered. In addition, the eldest daughter of the Kings will have a tutor. This position could be occupied, according to she publishes The countryby Lieutenant Colonel Margarita Pardo de Santayana, daughter of Alfonso Pardo de Santayana, former Chief of Staff of the Army.

Leonor’s jobs, promotions and rewards

After the Jura de Bandera in Zaragoza, at the end of the course, Leonor will be appointed Lieutenant Alumna. In Marin, after completing her academic year, she will be a Second Midshipman. And in San Javier, she will receive the job of Alférez de Fragata Alumna at the end of her stay. These jobs will be granted by royal decree. Just like promotions, which will be agreed upon by the Council of Ministers. As the decree states, she will be promoted taking into account the demands of “her high representation of her” of her and the circumstances that occur in her person “of her as heir to the Crown of Spain.” They are the same words that were chosen in the decree that regulated the military career of the then Prince of Asturias, published in the BOE dated 1999 and signed by the King Juan Carlos and the Minister of Defense Narcís Serra.

As for her rewards, as stated in the Bulletin, the Government, in accordance with the King’s House, may grant the Princess the Grand Crosses of Military Merit, Naval Merit and Aeronautical Merit. Following the military path of Felipe VI, Leonor would receive the offices of Infantry Lieutenant, Naval Ensign and Aviation Weapon Lieutenant. The same ones that her father received in 1989.