Belén Rodríguez lives her most complicated moment and will celebrate her birthday without friends

Next Thursday March 23, Belen Rodriguez will celebrate her 57th birthday away from some of those who were her bosom friends, including Jorge Javier Vazquez y Kiko Hernandezwho have banished her from their lives since last year she was accused of leaking the intimacies of María Teresa Campos to the paparazzi.

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They won’t be by your side Have him y Carmen, the daughters of the veteran journalist, who described Belén as “a sister”. She is no longer welcome in the house of the octogenarian communicator, the sisterhood has been definitively broken and Rodríguez has not visited what she considered a second mother for a long time.

Although he tries to turn the page and ignore the indiscriminate attacks of those who were his companions in Save meDeep down, she misses the trips with Jorge or the meetings with Kiko and the Campos sisters. Things would have to change a lot for those days to repeat themselves.

The daughter of the remembered Doña Adelaida (Chari Gomez Miranda) and the journalist Pedro Rodriguez He has taken refuge in his anonymous friends, those from Madrid all his life and those from Malaga. A few days ago we saw her enjoying a weekend in the Andalusian capital. Through the streets of Madrid she is rarely seen, one of the last times she was in the company of hers, close to her, the journalist Aurelio Manzano.

She leads a very quiet life and appears on television at times, despite the fact that she is a great expert on matters of the heart. She was as a commentator on the reality show nightmare in paradise, and a little more. She is an excellent socialite but she seems to have fallen out of favor since Vázquez and the rest of her former friends put the cross on her.