Ernesto Valverde assures that “nobody” has called him to testify for the ‘Negreira case’


The Athletic Club coach, Ernesto Valverde, made it clear this Thursday that “nobody” has called him “no matter how much he appears in the press” to testify about the “Negreira case” and that “we have to wait for events”, while he warned that he has never needed to “have a report” on the referee before a game.

Last Monday, sources in the case explained to Europa Press that the Prosecutor’s Office had requested in its complaint for the ‘Negreira case’ that in the investigation of the case both Valverde, former FC Barcelona coach between 2017 and 2020, be summoned to testify as a witness, like Luis Enrique Martínez, who led the team from 2014 to 2017.

“No one has called me, no matter how much it appears in the press. The case is in an investigation process and we will see what happens. There is no need to make any parallel judgment, you have to wait for events, but that certain things are published does not mean that It’s going to happen or something is going to happen, we’ll see,” Valverde said at a press conference prior to the Valladolid duel.

The coach of the Biscayan team also stressed that he has never been conditioned in his career “to have a report” on any referee designated to whistle one of his games and find out “if it is one way or another.”

Valverde, who is experiencing this whole situation “normally”, settled the questions about it because he had “nothing to say” despite knowing that it was “a topical issue”. “The other time they asked me and I already answered. Here is the Athletic coach to talk about the Valladolid game, it is not the place,” he sentenced.