Prince William is on the edge and vents in his last act: “When will all this end?”

The heir to the British Crown is devastated. The continuous rumors about the state of health of his wife and also that of his marriage have taken a toll on his spirit, as numerous media outlets have highlighted in recent days. Buckingham Palace’s maxim is discretion but William of England He couldn’t take it anymore and broke out in one of his last public events, where he had a talk with some journalists: “When is this going to end?”he asked helplessly.

It is told by journalist Rebecca English in The Sun. She was one of the participants in this intimate talk with the prince. “He is angry, frustrated and deeply disappointed by what has happened in recent weeks”has revealed. “He asked all of us present a question: ‘When will this end?” This expert on the British monarchy states that William of England feels that his mother’s history is repeating itself and he does not want his wife to be a new victim of press harassment and street persecution. “His goal has always been to protect his family from the type of intrusion that his mother suffered”wrote Rebecca. “He is concerned because he has realized that social networks are not subject to the same regulation as the media”he pointed.

The prince announced a withdrawal from the public stage when his wife, Kate Middleton, underwent surgery for an abdominal ailment. He canceled all the events on her agenda to be at the side of his wife and her children not only during the 13 days of the princess’s hospitalization but also during the first days of her convalescence in her house Her father’s situation forced him to resume her duties earlier than desired, but her serious face showed that the situation worried her. Not only because of Kate’s state of health, whose evolution is positive, but because of the credibility crisis that has been unleashed with the secrecy with which Kensington Palace has faced what happened.

The latest information suggests that the princess’s reappearance already has a date: March 31. That day, the entire family could attend Easter Mass, an unavoidable annual event. In this way they would be able to stop a large part of the rumor mill, which affects the physical condition of the princess, who we were able to see last Saturday very thin walking around a local farm.