Queen Camilla updates the status of Charles III in the midst of controversy: “He is disappointed”

This Thursday, the royal consort fulfilled a new commitment in her official agenda in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she was asked about the state of her husband’s health. Charles III. The king, 75 years old, was diagnosed with cancer last February and is receiving treatment that forces him to rest. His sick leave has been punctuated by the controversy of Kate Middleton and the reputational crisis it is going through Kensington Palaceso his temporary withdrawal from the front line is becoming unbearable: “He is very disappointed not to have been able to come”his wife said.

The father of Prince Guillermo He wants to return to his obligations as soon as possible and his wife has confessed that he is an impatient patient: “I try to keep it at bay”. Of course, its evolution is positive and everyone is happy: “He’s doing very well”. The queen has visited the most picturesque places in the area and has received many gifts, such as letters of encouragement for her husband or packages of vegetables, sausages or pickles: “I will take it to my husband. He will enjoy it to the fullest”he thanked.

Not a word from Kate Middleton or the controversy that pursues her. Nobody has asked either. And conspiracy theories point to Camilla as one of the creators of the rumors that affect the princes of Wales, since the relationship between them is non-existent. This was stated a few days ago by an expert on British royalty in TardeAR: “Carlos and Guillermo don’t even speak to each other, their relationship is broken. What’s more, Guillermo hasn’t even visited his father after learning of the cancer diagnosis, something his brother Harry did, taking a flight from the United States,” he commented. “There is a power struggle between them, Guillermo wants more prominence and Carlos is not willing to give it to him. It is his time.”