Meghan Markle left California and had a good time Tuesday in New York to accept an award with two very special surprise guests: her husband, prince Harry, and his mother, Doria Ragland.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the Foundation Women of Vision Awards. It is not normal to see the actress Suits, 41 years old, going out to collect awards. But this time it happened: she was honored as one of the recipients of the Premio Woman of Vision this year for her global advocacy to empower women and girls. The evening brought Meghan together with her friend Gloria Steinem, co-founder of the event organization, who presented her with the award.

During her acceptance speech, Meghan thanked Steinem “for the inspiration you are, for your mentorship, your sage advice, your extraordinarily cheeky sense of humor and your incredible friendship.”

“When I was a kid, I’d come home, settle in after a day of school, pull out my TV tray with dinner, and turn on my evening ritual: Jeopardy! and look at the coffee table, where I’d see a variety of things: It could be the cat’s collar, my homework, some mail they just brought and some magazines,” the Duchess of Sussex said.

“I remember them vividly because the images were different. There was a diversity that I hadn’t seen so often, both in color and in age and the names were different,” Meghan continued. “There were congressmen, there were astronauts, and the issues were different, from motherhood to being a working mom to heavier issues like domestic violence, the poverty line, digging up your roots, where you come from, and equity issues.”

“I was too young at the time to know what most of it meant,” Meghan said, adding that despite that, “the meaning of these magazines was important.”

Her mother, Meghan said, “had a subscription and having these pages in our house told me there was so much more to it than just the fixed covers and pictures you’d see on grocery store front pages.”

“When I reflect on the time in my life, when I was young, the traces that were etched in my mind, I can now connect the dots in a much better way to understand how I became a young feminist and evolved into an adult activist.” Megan said.

Meghan and Steinem, 89, joined forces in 2020 to have a “backyard chat” about the importance of voting. Later that year, Meghan “arrived at the little farmhouse” where Steinem was staying, and voters were called from the dining room table.

Last year, they were seen leaving a lunch date in New York after Meghan was joined by her husband, Prince Harry, as he delivered a speech at the United Nations in honor of Nelson Mandela Day. Steinem said that Meghan is a “great human being”.

“I am not an expert in the media, but it seems to me that she is different from the image that the media have of her,” the feminist activist told the magazine. People. “She’s smart, funny, and dedicated to social issues.”