Al prince andrew they don’t want to see him at Buckingham Palace. Disowned, made invisible and without representation tasks, the brother of Charles III lives in the shade After her mother, the Queen isabel IIwill strip him of titles and honors for his connection to the case of the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, now the Royal House informs you that if you travel to London forget to spend the night at the emblematic official residence. This is how he publishes it The Sunwhich reminds its readers of the suite that the Duke of York used to occupy in the palace, with his bed full of teddy bears and toys.

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“Buckingham ends here” for Andrés. He so he titled the tabloid next to a photo of the famous gate and the main door that gives access to the palace. The Duke of York reportedly received instructions from the Royal House that he stay away from Buckingham and that he forget to spend the night in his palatial suite if he travels to London. According to the newspaper, one of the closest options for the Duke of York would be the Palace of St. James, which is located in Westminster in London.

The monarch’s brother has lived since 2004 in The Royal Lodge, en Windsor Great Park, a large country mansion with a private chapel, which forms part of the family residences. Windsor Great Park, also known as Windsor Royal Park, is located south of Windsor, in Berkshire County. It’s an hour’s drive from Buckingham.

The Duke studies how to reopen the Giuffre case

This sanitary cordon for Andrés comes almost a year after the controversial million-dollar agreement with its plaintiff, Virginia Giuffre. The prince, who was sued by Giuffre for sexually abusing her when she was a minor, settled out of court with her claimant to avoid sitting on the bench. The son of Isabel II would have closed the agreement for about 12 million euros, as the press published at the time. Now the case could be reopened. King Carlos III’s brother is studying with his lawyers the possibility of annulling that million-dollar pact after Giuffre has admitted that he could have made a mistake in identifying Andrés, whom he accused of abuse. Added to this is the testimony of Ghislaine Maxwell from prison. The partner and lover of the child-trafficking tycoon insists she never introduced them. Below, the cover of the Daily Express when the duke reached the agreement with Giuffre in February 2022 and the image of both when she was a minor.