Betis officially presented Manuel Pellegrini as the new coach of its first team. The Chilean signs three years. “It has been a pleasure for me to come to Betis. There have been contacts before, it could not be done for different reasons. I have always returned to Spain because I have my home here. This is a tremendously popular club, we already know. I am convinced that there is a squad with a lot of confidence, there is a level of players who can respond higher. We are going to put all the experience to get the most out of the team, which is a joint effort between players, managers, fans … Always with a winning mentality, we must fight for European instances because as an institution it deserves it. I have had a great acceptance and now it has to be proven with work “, stated the Engineer.

Draft. “We fully agree with the board. I can offer work, I had the opportunity to play European competition every year in several clubs and that should be the basis for improving an institution. They are 15 years of professional player, 33 of coaching in different countries and that we will deliver here day by day. “

Current template. “It is difficult to give an answer today because the templates are changing. I say that there is an important template base, surely it must be retouched in some positions, it depends on many factors. It will not be an easy market and we will see in which positions We must reinforce ourselves and the players who can go out for different reasons, just as there are some circumstances that require a transformation of the squad. “

Sports planning. “The signings are a joint effort, the coach says he needs players, then the sports management and the scouts propose and discuss the names. There are different budgets, we cannot ask Messi or Cristiano because perhaps they cannot bring them. You have to have the best squad possible. Alexis or López Catalán? Alexis was the person who had contact a while ago, through my agent Jesús Martínez. “

Holidays. “The ideal would be 30 days, but the situation is special this year. If LaLiga starts on September 12, you should have a balance to rest. It is important to finish winning and from now until Sunday the planning of the next one will be known “.

Betis Shield / Flag

LaLiga Santander

* Data updated as of July 13, 2020

The league. “The advantage is not decisive but Real Madrid has an important step taken. It should bring all three encounters forward. This changes a lot, I remember that the one I had to play with Madrid in the last game came with aspirations. The fight will continue until the last match. “

Demichelis. “I had the intention to continue leading in Europe, I prefer not to comment on West Ham. One is of an age who wants to continue and is physically whole to be able to do it. I start from scratch in all the teams I am in, I will leave the activity when I am not see that it exists. Demichelis? I will say the same as of players and sports directors. We will see the best. “

Achievements. “If they told me in Villarreal that I am going to live those five spectacular years, I would have said that I was crazy. I would have loved to play the Champions League final or win LaLiga there, we were second. At Real Madrid we achieved 96 points, the best record until then, although we did not win the title. In Malaga we were also happy with what we did, we deserved to go to the Champions League semi-finals and we were fourth. I hope to close the Betis cycle with the same objectives and intentions. “

Transfer of sports director. “The club needs a sports director, I could not say who it is going to be but it is the way that all institutions work.”

Game model. “I would like my team to play well, but in order to do that, you first have to win. There are different ways to win. My teams try to be attractive in the football proposal, in scoring goals. In trying so that the fans do not see winning only a 1- 0. We will try to be a winning and enjoyable team. “

Island. “There are always names of different players that can arrive, there are doubled positions, so within the players that can enter, you have to see the ones that must leave. The names with a trajectory will be names to consider.”

Distance with Sevilla. “We are a couple of steps below them because Sevilla fight the Champions League and we have the season finished. But I look forward and I'm sure we are going to get closer to what other teams have done in LaLiga and that will be with the work day to day”.

Joaquin. “Joaquín's career is valued by itself. At 38 he has been able to make a difference. I am very happy to direct him again, we were together at Malaga. He brings his experience and personality, he is happy in the dressing room. He has a lot to contribute. I will also coincide with other players such as Juanmi, who made his debut at Málaga, or with Canales, with whom I coincided with Real Madrid. Joaquín has remained at the forefront, based on his quality and not just the name I also directed Javi García at City, we won a championship. “

Fekir. “He has demonstrated his quality, the performance of the players depends on the team but he is a figure and his performance will surely continue to rise.”

Goals conceded. “I have seen many games and Betis have received many goals for a team that aims to have aspirations. There may be many reasons. We have to start with a new job, I have confidence in the squad although there may be name changes. We also have to try to To be a team that achieves the highest number of goals. We will do everything possible to have a balanced team that wins, because in the end you have to win in this sport. “


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