Paz Padilla’s anger after criticism for traveling by private jet: “But what’s happening?”

Paz Padilla He has screwed it up again. Last week, the comedian published a video where she boasted, through Instagram, about the luxuries of traveling by private jet, which is why users jumped on her and called her a “hypocrite.” After remaining silent, the woman from Cádiz came out this Monday in her own defense.

The comedian, 54, published a series of stories to make “a small clarification.” “I got on a plane and I wanted to show it to you because, when I got on, I saw some very funny things. I didn’t pay for the plane, nor is it mine, nor was I alone. I was with a group of friends, and I haven’t taken them out.” because I was going to respect them,” he advanced on the commotion.

“But what if I wanted to buy it? Although I can’t, obviously. I can’t even pay for a trip,” she added, visibly angry. The presenter does not understand the judgments on other people’s lives: “But what’s happening? As if I wanted to put a helipad on my roof or buy a pedal boat.”

“Do we also have to judge and criticize because your life is going well? Do we have to be happy when people do poorly and when people do well we have to crush it? Why, can someone explain it to me?” ?, the actress complained.

However, the businesswoman took advantage of the situation to feel sorry for those who resort to easy reproach, because she thinks they are victims of envy: “In any case, being criticized, a sincere soul would never criticize. Behind a critic there is always an envious soul. , it’s like that. And what is envy? Not being focused on your happiness.”

The interpreter concluded her statement by thanking the expressions of affection she has received in recent days. “I want to thank you for being with me, for living life with me and accompanying me on all my adventures and craziness,” she expressed.

Criticism of the artist is due, in part, to the image she shows on her social networks, where she promulgates messages of respect and care for the environment.

For many, it is contradictory that someone like her, who has her own urban garden, does not take into account some gestures that are clearly harmful to the planet, such as indulging in traveling on a private jet and, therefore, polluting unnecessarily. However, the woman from Cádiz has deactivated the comments on the post.

The controversy comes two weeks after the former director of Save me, David Valldeperas, sentenced his former partner. “Our mood broke. I don’t have any relationship and now I don’t want to have one anymore. I got along very well with her, and working we got along very well,” he said in an interview, adding: “She believed or believes that I am part of her enemies and it is not true. I believed that he was affectionate and, having seen what I have seen, it was surely affection out of interest.”