What does Urdangarin and his girlfriend’s new job consist of: together in a company dedicated to brick

As we denied on October 4, it is false that it is connected to an important Ibex 35 company, as had been published. In fact, Infanta Cristina’s husband works in a small construction company in Vitoria with Ainhoa ​​Armentia.

This is what the magazine publishes this Wednesday Week, which gives details of the new employment situation of the former Duke of Palma and the Basque administrative woman with whom he also met at the Imaz & Asociados law firm, where they met and fell in love.

Iñaki Urdangarin and Ainhoa ​​Armentia are therefore once again co-workers after Ainhoa ​​also left the law firm, as Iñaki Urdangarin had done some time ago. They both met there after the release of Felipe VI’s brother-in-law from prison and stayed until their romance came to light after being caught walking hand in hand.

Everything indicates that the relationship between Iñaki Urdangarin and Ainhoa ​​Armentia is going from strength to strength and that despite the difficulties and ups and downs, their courtship is strengthened and strengthened. While awaiting the resolution of a divorce that will arrive before the end of this year (“in weeks”, says Infanta Elena), it has not been easy for Urdangarin to reintegrate after being sentenced to 5 years and 10 months for embezzlement, prevarication, fraud against the Administration, two tax crimes and influence peddling in the Nóos case.

Two years after being released to enjoy third grade, Iñaki Urdangarin rebuilds his life as best he can. For her part, and as a prelude to the family gathering that will mark Princess Leonor’s 18th birthday and the swearing in of the Constitution, Infanta Cristina has reappeared with her best smile in Murcia.

Director of the International Area of ​​the La Caixa Foundation, and focused on her professional commitments, the sister of Felipe VI has presided over the commemorative event for the 15th anniversary of the Business Alliance for Childhood Vaccination, an initiative that fights against mortality in the most disadvantaged territories through the vaccination of children and girls.

The visit of Infanta Cristina to Murcia

A visit to Murcia in which Doña Cristina has also taken the opportunity to visit the Salzillo Museum, located in the historic center and where the works of the baroque sculptor Francisco Salzillo are exhibited, and the old convent of the Augustinian Sisters of Corpus Christi, where the Cáritas Hospitality School is located (Hey!). In addition to touring the facilities, the sister of King Felipe VI has shown off her closeness by greeting several students and showing interest in the center’s educational program, which offers training and experience to people with difficulties entering the labor market. Has she remembered the father of her children?

Radiant, and smiling at all times, the daughter of King Juan Carlos has opted for a look that is as wearable as it is stylish with a short blue tweed jacket with gold buttons, a white top, and straight black pants, which show that she has lost weight in in recent times, and two-tone slingback shoes with low heels and patent round toes.

A reappearance that coincides with the confirmation that Iñaki Urdangarín has a new job and, as in the consultancy ‘Imaz & Asociados’, so far his only job since he left prison, he has Ainhoa ​​Armentia as a partner.

Infanta Cristina’s ex-husband and his girlfriend now work in a small construction company on the outskirts of Vitoria. A modest position with which the former handball player returns to the job market, and which has nothing to do with the information that he had signed as an advisor to an important Ibex35 company with a salary close to 300,000 euros, as we already denied.

Oblivious to Iñaki’s new occupation, and to the fact that her relationship with Ainhoa ​​Armentia is going through its best moment, so much so that they repeat the experience as co-workers, Cristina fulfills her work commitments in Spain before returning to her residence. in Geneva, although not for too long.

And in just under 2 weeks, on October 31, the Princess of Asturias turns 18 and the sister of Felipe VI will be one of the guests at the private celebration that will take place at the Royal Palace of Pardo after Leonor swears the Constitution in the Congress of Deputies. A very special birthday in which it is possible that Infanta Cristina will be reunited with the rest of the Royal Family, including Don Juan Carlos, who plans to travel from Abu Dhabi to be by the heiress’ side on this historic day.