The work of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo’s twenty-something and polyglot girlfriend at the Latin Grammys in Seville

The House of Alba has been especially shaken in recent days as a result of the tense exchange of statements from Cayetano Martínez de Irujo (60) and his sister Eugenia (54) . Distances aside, each one makes his life his own. The first with his twenty-something girlfriend, Barbara Mirjan (27), and the second with her husband, Narcís Rebollo (53).

This Monday, the rider and his girlfriend attended the Latin Grammy Sessions: Urbano concert, which was held in La Malagueta, the bullring in Malaga. The two posed very smiling at the photocall.

The focus is on Andalusia, since on November 16 the important music awards will be held in Seville. Mirjan is working on the organization of this event thanks to his training in content creation and distribution, as he assures Hola. Additionally, all the languages ​​he masters are added to his resume. There are not a few: Spanish, English, French and Italian (without forgetting Arabic, since his father is of Lebanese origin).

Cayetano and Bárbara, who have been together for 33 years, have a well-established courtship that began eight years ago. The young woman also gets along very well with his twins, Luis and Amina, who are now 22 years old.

Surely, the couple will coincide with Eugenia and her husband, the president of Universal Music Spain, at the Latin Grammys. A few days ago, they already coincided at the baptism of Sofía Palazuelo’s daughter. Narcís already spoke to the media about the open gap between the brothers: “There is not a schism, nor is there any break, there are simply some adjustments that they have to make with some in relation to some businesses they have, but it is nothing serious or nothing that is going to be solved.”

Cayetano shares with Eugenia and another of his brothers, Alfonso, a society that is bringing them misunderstandings and headaches: “They paralyze everything just because. Because they don’t sign. For one thing, for another. What do I know! They give justifications that make little sense,” he said. Eugenia, for her part, blurted out: “Do you know what happens to Cayetano? That he takes advantage of the fact that the rest of us don’t talk. I just don’t understand him,” she said.

This is not the only open family gap. Cayetano’s disagreements with his older brother, the Duke of Alba, since the death of Mrs. Cayetana in 2014. The Duchess of Alba was the pillar of a seemingly united family although many knew that it would break into pieces as soon as Doña Cayetana left this world. So it was. Cayetano’s tensions with his brothers have also been evident on such important dates as Christmas and masses in memory of the duchess.