Patricia Pardo, on Ana Obregón’s maternity: “A baby cannot be a therapeutic tool to overcome a duel”

The maternity by substitution of Ana Obregón, at 68 years of age, has taken all the issues of the day ahead. It is the monotheme. The magazine has published it Hola. The photographs of the interpreter, in a wheelchair, as if she had given birth at the Miami medical center are priceless. Apparently, as they have explained in The Ana Rosa program, this circumstance is due to the protocol of this clinic. Also, that Obregón wears the hospital bracelet on her wrist as if she had been admitted.

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The decision of Ana Obregon resorting to surrogacy has ignited the surrogacy debate, which has focused, above all, on the late motherhood of the actress and on the ethical edges that this age difference between mother and daughter implies. “When the girl is 12 years old, Ana will be 80.” This has been stated by many tweeters on the networks. TV has also echoed this informative tsunami.

Patricia Pardo, in the Telecinco magazine, has launched her opinion: “It is the image of a very excited woman, but, deep down, destroyed. She has said on many occasions that she is ‘a living dead’. I have doubts about if you have begun mourning the death of your child. I believe that a baby cannot be manipulated and it cannot be a therapeutic tool to overcome a duel. I dare not judge Ana.”