Bibiana Fernández, faced with the Obregón ‘monotema’: “Knowing that I am going to miss my son’s wedding, the brides… it would torment me”

“It is an unusual case due to Ana’s age. There are many people who have resorted to surrogate motherhood and it is a complicated debate. But what has shocked me the most is Ana’s age at this time to start raising a solitude in solitude newborn girl”, this is how Ana Rosa Quintana expressed herself this Wednesday, March 29, in her Telecinco program about the gestation by substitution of Ana Obregón, at 68 years of age.

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In the gathering, the actress Bibiana Fernández expressed herself like this: “First of all, I wish her to be happy. Beyond the debate on surrogacy that is in society, whether it is buying or not, there are people who cannot have children and it is a very delicate debate and, since I have not seen myself in the situation, I do not know what I would think”. With great caution, he continued: “I have a dog and I am afraid that something will happen to me if I leave it alone. So the idea of ​​having a child and leaving it alone terrifies me. It is a guarantee that we have nothing at any age, but knowing that I’m going to miss my son’s wedding, the brides… it would torment me.”