Ana Obregón, two weeks before becoming a mother by surrogacy: “I’m already dead, I don’t feel anything”

The actress has just become a mother at the age of 68 thanks to surrogacy, an event that only three people in the world knew about: her sisters and Alessandro Lequio. There was nothing to suspect that Ana Obregon He had decided to take this step to recover the desire to live that he lost after the death of his son and of which he spoke only 17 days ago: “I have zero desire for anything.”

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The interpreter gave an extensive interview to the journalist Luz Sánchez Mellado to The country. This is how it looked just two weeks ago: “I don’t feel. I have zero desire for anything. I have lost my son, my mother and my father in two years. My tears for my son have not dried and I have not cried any for my parents yet. Now I’m just a mother who has lost a child.”

Ana responded to the questions from the deepest pain: “I love when someone or something makes me angry, in my house there are many broken things. The bad host helps me cope with the absence. It is that Aless will never be there anymore. He won’t call. He won’t come. Not at all. I got tired of negotiating with God during his illness.” And she added: “The best time of day is when I fall asleep and black out for a few hours.”

Obregón assured that his life had lost meaning: “I had a mission in life: to raise my son, to study, to take care of him when he was sick. My other mission was to take care of my parents, who were aging. And, suddenly, no I have none. My parents, who anchored me to the earth, and my son, who gave me wings because it was my future, are no longer there, and I remain installed in a void.” To the point of looking forward to the day he is reunited with his son: “I smoke a lot and they tell me that he is going to kill me. So what? I’m already dead. I’m not afraid of anything, the worst that could happen to me has already happened to me.”

Just a few days after that interview, Ana turned 68 (on March 18) and shared this text on Instagram along with a photo with her son Aless: “I celebrated my first birthday the day you were born and my last birthday was on March 18. March 2019, when it seemed that cancer had given you a break, I never celebrated again. One more year is one year less to be together, my love.”