Partying: Sofía Vergara revolutionizes the Miami night with Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo

Sofia Vergara is in full promotion of the series Griselda, which premieres on Netflix this Thursday, January 25. After passing through Spain (especially commented on was his interview with Pablo Motos in The Anthill), the Colombian star has headed to Miami to continue with the promotion. However, she also makes time for leisure.

So much so that the protagonist of Modern Family She took advantage of this weekend to have a great time with several friends and family at a well-known venue in the city. She has filled her Instagram account with photos and videos of her evening. They enjoyed the food, the drinks and also the music. They got up from their seats and did a few dances. They even dared to The bomb by King Africa. Vergara gave everything.

In addition, at the establishment, Sofía Vergara met with some of the former Barça stars who now play for Inter Miami, the club of which David Beckham is the owner. Leo Messi, Jordi Alba and Luis Suárez posed very smiling with her and excited about her coincidence. They were photographed in a group and Antonela Roccuzzo, the wife of the Argentine star, also appears in the image.


The Latin star arrives on Netflix this Thursday with her new six-episode series, which is based on the life of Colombian drug trafficker Ana Griselda Blanco Restrepo, also known as 'The Black Widow' or 'The Godmother of Cocaine'.

In Spain, as we said, his interview with Pablo Motos in The Anthill. The actress's insults to the presenter echoed on the Antena 3 set and, given the impact that the interview reached even internationally, Motos himself said that he “was agreed upon.” “Sofía Vergara comes, we connect very well and I tell her: 'Sofía, I saw an interview that Kevin Hart did with you on a podcast where you didn't let him walk. You were hesitating all the time and he was hesitating you. We could act as if we were two old men friends. You hesitate me and I hesitate you,'” said the Atresmedia presenter.