Mario Alcalde, the first bullfighter to come out of the closet: he declares himself “pansexual” and wants to create a bullfighting club in Chueca

Mario Alcalde has taken an important step in the world of bullfighting. The 31-year-old right-hander has declared that He feels “identified” with “the LGTBI flag” and that he is “pansexual”words that bring bullfighting closer to non-heterosexual relationships for the first time.

Mayor has spoken about his sexual orientation in an interview with The world. “I am a bullfighter who goes a little more at his own pace. My tastes are not normal in bullfighting”he declares with pride, because he is aware that it is not common for this to happen in his union, which has always been marked by heteronormativity.

The bullfighter affirms that his thoughts are “different” from those of his colleagues, “both politically and sexually.” “I am pansexual. I feel very identified with the LGTBI flag. Everyone has their own tastes. I fall in love with the interior, I don't care about the gender”, point.

“The truth is that all gays are anti-bullfighting. But how nice it is when you confess who you are and, after meeting you, they see it differently,” says the right-hander, who plans the opening of a bullfighting club in a bar in Chueca. “I have to do things so that they start doing things. They will come to see me bullfighting. At first they are super closed people, there is too much lack of culture and they don't know what bullfighting is,” he explains.

Mayor, who also works loading and unloading planes in Barajas, believes that artists should not “talk about politics”, although he assures in his interview that “Fans” of bullfighting are “liberals.” “There is everything. Not everyone who goes to the bullfights likes them and there are people who don't go to the bullring and like them. I don't care what other people think. I don't live off of anyone, that's why I work at the airport “.

The bullfighter suffered a fight last September in Madrid, where he broke his collarbone and suffered a dislocated shoulder. At the hospital, the doctor in the square saw that Alcalde He was covered by a rainbow flag of the LGTB0 Mario Alcalde bullfighting club.