The most anticipated guest has finally arrived at the wedding of Rosa Clará’s son in Paris! dove caveswho was also at the pre-wedding held this Friday with Luis Miguelhas arrived at the Parisian Church around five in the afternoon with a dreamy sky blue dress.

Just stunning. The Cordovan businesswoman has not only shone with her smile, but the choice of her style has been a success. She is one of the most elegant women of the Spanish jet set and, once again, with this princess dress she has shown it again.

Of course, Enrique Ponce’s ex has not posed before the flashes with Luis Miguel, who is also invited to the link after about a year of relationship with Cuevas. This Friday they arrived separately at the pre-wedding and for the big celebration they have done the same. They do not hide their courtship but faithful to the discretion with which they lead their private lives, they prefer not to pose in front of the cameras.

Paloma is a great friend of Rosa Clara. Personally, she is one of her intimates and professionally they have gotten along wonderfully thanks to the collaboration of party dresses between the two. The designer marries her son Daniel this Saturday with the young Anne-Marie Colling. This Friday, the pre-wedding was held aboard a boat on the Seine River and with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Cuevas has recovered his smile after his separation from Enrique Ponce in 2020. The bullfighter sat with his twenty-something girlfriend on the set of the anthill last May 23. They regretted the criticism due to his age difference, but did not speak of the betrayal of the Cordovan businesswoman.