Özil: new season, same nightmare

Mesut Özil was one of the Arsenal players who most eagerly awaited the arrival of the new season. Last year was an ordeal for the German, who lost the favor of Arteta. Between injuries and technical decisions, the German disappeared from the team. He went from full ownership to the most absolute ostracism. His last official call dates from March 7.

The statements of his coach have always implied that after the absence of the German is his performance in training. Far from changing the trend, this season Özil seems to be sinking even further in these quicksand. He has not entered any official call-up (he did have minutes in early September in a friendly against Aston Villa) and Arteta's latest statements suggest that the situation is far from changing.

“We are selecting the players that we think are best for each game. You can see that we continue training, it is what we try to do. You can see that we are changing players, it is very difficult every week, not only for Mesut, but for some others. players and for ourselves, when making a team. I respect questions, but I have to try to do my job in the fairest way possible, “said Arteta last night, after the Gunners' victory against Leicester in the Carabao Cup.